The talks in the student double sessions are for 25 minutes. All other talks are for 50 minutes. Full length talks are in the colloquium room (Math 3206). Click HERE for abstracts.

Friday April 9

  3:00   Matt Foreman, U.C. Irvine
          Department of Mathematics Colloquium
          The classification problem for ergodic measure preserving transformations
  7:00   Ergodic Party(welcome to the conference), Chez Boyle

Saturday April 10

  8:50   Welcome
  9:00   Don Ornstein, Stanford University
          A retrospective on some of Dan Rudolph's work (Click for the slides.)
10:15   Mike Hochman , Princeton University
          Geometric rigidity of times-m invariant measures
11:30   Elon Lindenstrauss , Hebrew University and Princeton University
          Classifying invariant measures on homogeneous spaces
  2:30   Douglas Lind ,   University of Washington and Yale University
          Specification for Algebraic Actions
  3:45   Klaus Schmidt ,   University of Vienna and Erwin Schrodinger Institute
          Principal Algebraic Actions
  5:00-5:25 Room 3206 Francesco Cellarosi,   Princeton University
          On the limit curlicue process for theta sums
  5:00-5:25 Room B0421 Bethany Springer ,   Colorado State University
          New results in nearly continuous Kakutani equivalence

Sunday April 11

  9:00   Jean-Paul Thouvenot , Université de Paris VI, France
          A criterion for a transformation to satisfy the weak Pinsker Property
10:15   Aimee Johnson , Swarthmore College
          Recurrence on Infinite Measure Dynamical Systems
11:15   Ayse Sahin , DePaul University
          The geometry and directional entropy of rank one Z^d actions

Student Session I (Room B0421):
         2:30-2:55 Ben Webb , Georgia Tech
          Isospectral Graph Reduction and Estimates of Matrices' Spectra.
          3:05-3:30   Uijin Jung , Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Daejeon
          Extension theorems for codes between shifts of finite type
          3:40-4:05 Mahsa Allahbakhshi, University of Victoria
          Factor triples and relative entropy

Student Session II (Room 3206):
         2:30-2:55 Van Cyr, The Pennsylvania State University
          Conformal measures for transient Markov shifts
         3:05-3:30 Byungsoo Kim , Colorado State University
          Rolling molecules: stationray states, stability and statistical physics
         3:40-4:05 Vaughn Climenhaga, The Pennsylvania State University
          Multifractal analysis of Birkhoff averages

  4:30   Anatole Katok , The Pennsylvania State University
          From times 2, times 3 to nonuniform measure rigidity

  5.45 (approximately)   Memorial Event for Dan Rudolph

Monday April 12

  9:00   Patrick LaVictoire , U.C.Berkeley
          Singular Integral Theory and L^1 Ergodic Theorems
10:15   Tim Austin, UCLA
          Some recent approaches to multiple recurrence.
11:30   Hillel Furstenberg , Hebrew University
          On Meiri Sequences
  2:30   Chris Hoffman , University of Washington
          A K but not Bernoulli Z^2 subshift of finite type
  3:45   Alejandro Maass , University of Chile, Santiago
          Nilsequences and a structure theorem for topological dynamical systems

Tuesday April 13

  8:30   Andres del Junco , University of Toronto
          A survey of almost continuous orbit equivalence
  9:30   Raul Ures , University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay
          Entropy maximizing measures for some partially hyperbolic systems
11:00   Benjamin Weiss , Hebrew University
          On Dan Rudolph's impact on measurable dynamics