Furstenberg Conference Program

(with links to abstracts if available)

Friday, March 16, 2007
3:00-4:00 Alex Lubotzky Finite groups and hyperbolic manifolds
4:00-4:30 tea
Sunday, March 18
8:45-9:15 coffee and bagels
9:15-9:30 welcoming remarks
9:30-10:20 Vitaly Bergelson Central sets and a Szemeredi theorem for general groups
10:20-10:40 coffee break
10:40-11:30 Larry Shepp A new look at Radon inversion
11:45-12:35 Tamar Ziegler Polynomial progressions in primes
12:35-2:00 lunch break
2:00-2:50 Yuval Peres Sums of homogeneous Cantor sets: a rational criterion
3:00-3:20 Jim Tseng, Brandeis University Shrinking target properties of circle rotations
3:30-4:20 Elon Lindenstrauss Periodic orbits on the space of lattices
4:30-5:20 Anatoly Vershik Metric hyperbolicity and quasi-similarity of Markov operators
5:30-7:00 reception/social event
Monday, March 19
8:30-9:00 coffee and bagels
9:00-9:50 Gregory Margulis Furstenberg boundary theory and rigidity
9:50-10:15 coffee break
10:15-11:05 Yves Guivarc'h Orbit closures, stationary measures, & equidistribution
11:20-12:10 Bryna Kra Gowers norms: linking ergodic theory and additive combinatorics
12:10-2:00 lunch break
2:00-2:50 Arkady Tempelman Pointwise ergodic theorems for group representations in Lp
3:00-3:20 Mike Johnson, Northwestern Convergence of some commuting polynomial averages
3:25-3:45 Mike Hochman, Hebrew University Upcrossing Inequalities in Ergodic Theory
4:00-4:20 Ronnie Pavlov, Ohio State University Some counterexamples in topological dynamics
4:30-5:20 Neil Hindman Largeness of the set of finite products in a semigroup
7:30-9:30 conference banquet Pita Plus Restaurant
Tuesday, March 20
8:30-9:00 coffee and bagels
9:00-9:50 Christian Skau Orbit equivalence for Cantor minimal Zn systems
9:50-10:00 coffee break
10:00-10:20 David Ralston, Rice University Heaviness: distribution properties of circle rotations
11:00-11:50 Shahar Mozes On the word metric and (no) cut points for asymptotic cones
11:50-1:30 lunch break
2:00-2:50 Anatoly Katok Measure rigidity beyond uniform hyperbolicity
3:00-3:20 Andrey Gogolev, Penn State Moduli of smooth conjugacy of Anosov diffeomorphisms of Tn, n > 2
3:30-3:50 Bryce Weaver, Penn State In Preparation for Margulis: Construction of Unstable Manifolds Given Cone Conditions for 3-D Flows
4:30-5:20 Eli Glasner Topological groups with Rohlin properties
Wednesday, March 21
8:30-9:00 coffee and bagels
9:00-9:50 Benjy Weiss Symbolic dynamics: some old and new results
9:50-10:15 coffee break
10:15-11:05 Hillel Furstenberg Ergodic fractal measures
11:05-11:15 farewell and closing