Spring 2005 Maryland-Penn State Semiannual Workshop
on Dynamical Systems and Related Topics

Friday March 18

3:00 PM
Department of Mathematics Colloquium
Room 3206, Mathematics
Elon Lindenstrauss, Princeton University
On measures invariant under tori and other actions

8:00 PM
Chez Boyle ( click for directions)
Ergodic Party

Saturday March 20

The Workshop begins. Student talks are scheduled for 25 minutes and all other talks are scheduled for 50 minutes. All talks will be in Room 3206 of the Mathematics Department.

Click here for abstracts of talks.

9:30-10:20     Dan Rudolph, Colorado State University
Mixing, disjoint factors and isometric extensions

10:50-11:40     Hee Oh, California Institute of Technology
Equidistribution of solvable flows

1:40-2:30     Manfred Einsiedler, Universitaet Wien, Princeton University
Measure Rigidity for Cartan actions

2:45-3:35     Tom Ward, University of East Anglia
Disjointness and entropy geometry

4:05-4:55     Alex Clark, University of North Texas
Coding expansive automorphisms of groups and Rauzy fractals

5:10-5:35     Mrinal Roychowdhury, Wesleyan University
Finitary orbit equivalence

Following the last talk:
Wine and Cheese Party

(Math Rotunda or Lounge, TBA)

Sunday March 20

9:00-9:50     Tamar Ziegler, Ohio State University
Configurations in sets of positive upper density in R^m

10:20-11:10     Karl Petersen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The adic transformation on the Euler graph

11:40-12:30     Anatole Katok, Penn State University
New geometric method in differentiable rigidity of partially hyperbolic actions

2:30-3:20     Nandor Simanyi, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Rotation sets of billiards

3:50-4:40     Nikos Frantzikinakis, Penn State University
Sets of multiple recurrence and convergence

4:55-5:20     Daniel Genin, Penn State University
Hyperbolic outer billiards

Monday March 21

9:00-9:50     Younga Choi, Montclair State University
Topology of Attractors from Two-Piece Expanding Maps

10:20-11:10     Howard Weiss, Penn State University
How smooth is your wavelet: a thermodynamic formalism approach

11:30-12:20     Kyewon Park, Ajou University
Complexity of entropy zero dynamical systems

1:40-2:30     Jose Alves, University of Porto
Smooth conjugacies of interval maps

2:50-3:40     Huyi Hu, Michigan State University
Convergence rates of the transfer operators for sigma finite measures

4:00-4:25     Sarah Bailey, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Computing dimension groups for a certain family of non-simple Bratteli diagrams

Tuesday March 22

9:00-9:50     Omri Sarig, Penn State University
Invariant Radon measures for the horocycle flow on periodic surfaces

10:20-11:10     Mark Pollicott, University of Warwick
Dynamical zeta functions and Dilation Equations

11:40-12:30     Jens Marklof, University of Manchester, England
Limit theorems for skew translations