Spring 2004 Maryland-Penn State Semiannual Workshop
on Dynamical Systems and Related Topics

Friday March 19

3:00 PM
Department of Mathematics Colloquium
Room 3206, Mathematics
Anthony Quas
Monotonicity in Voting Systems

7:30 PM
Chez Boyle ( click for directions)
Ergodic Party

Saturday March 20

The Workshop begins. Student talks are scheduled for 25 minutes and all other talks are scheduled for 40 minutes. All talks will be in Room 3206 of the Mathematics Department unless otherwise indicated. Click here for abstracts of talks.

9:00-9:40     Sheldon Newhouse, Michigan State University
Symbolic Extensions and smoothness

10:00-10:40     Yingfei Yi, Georgia Institute of Technology
On almost automorphic dynamics

11:00-11:40     Manfred Einsiedler, University of Washington
Measure rigidity, disjointness, and rigidity of factors for commuting torus automorphisms

2:00-2:40     Mike Keane, Wesleyan University
Some new finitary codes

3:30 - 4:10     Maria Alice Bertolim, Sao Paolo State University at Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil
Dynamical and Topological Aspects of Lyapunov Graphs and the Poincare-Hopf Inequalities

4:30 - 5:10     Anthony Quas University of Memphis
Duality in the return-time theorem

Following the last talk:
Wine and Cheese Party

(Math Rotunda or Lounge, TBA)

Sunday March 21

                Session I (3206)

9:00-9:40     Alica Miller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Orbit - equivalence of compact minimal R-flows

10:00-10:40     Karen Ball, Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, and Indiana University
Monotone factors of Bernoulli shifts

11:00-11:40     Bryna Kra, Penn State University
Multiple ergodic averages

                Session II (B0421)

9:00-9:40     Alexander Blokh. University of Alabama at Birmingham
Wandering triangles exist

10:00-10:40     Omri Sarig, Penn State University
Invariant Measures for Horocycle Flows on Abelian Covers

11:00-11:40     Rafael Ruggiero, PUC-Rio, Brazil
Rigidity of surfaces admitting a C^2, codimension one foliation invariant by the geodesic flow

                Session I (3206)

2:00-2:40     Sergey Bezuglyi, University of New South Wales and Institute for Low Temperature Physics, Kharkov, Ukraine
Approximation of homeomorphisms of a Cantor set

3:00-3:40     Klaus Thomsen, Aarhus University, Denmark
The derived shift space of a beta-shift

4:30-4:55     Angela Desai, University of Maryland
Z^d shifts of finite and sofic systems: epsilon-control of some entropies

5:00-5:25     Todd Fisher, Northwestern University
The Structure of Hyperbolic Sets

                Session II (B0421)

2:00-2:40     Boris Kalinin, University of South Alabama
On smooth classification of Cartan actions of R^k and Z^k

3:00-3:40     David Fisher, Lehman College -- CUNY
Local Rigidity and KAM theory

4:30-4:55     Anish Ghosh, Brandeis University
Diophantine Approximation on Affine Subspaces

5:00-5:25     Travis Fisher, Penn State University
Differentiable Rigidity for Non-Semisimple Toral Actions

Monday March 22

                Session I (3206)

9:00-9:40     Marius Urbanski, University of North Texas
The dynamics of elliptic functions

10:00-10:40     Monica Moreno Rocha, Tufts University
Rational Maps with generalized Sierpinski gaskets as Julia sets

11:00-11:40     Howard Weiss, Penn State University
The Remarkable Dynamics of a Nonlinear Age-Structured Population Model

                Session II (B0421)

9:00-9:40     Nikos Frantzikinakis, Penn State University
Polynomial Ergodic Averages Converge to the Product of the Integrals

10:00-10:40     Chris Hoffman, University of Washington
Phase transitions in one dimensional systems

11:00-11:40     Scot Adams, University of Minnesota
From Lorentzian dynamics to the decay of matrix coefficients

                Session I (3206)

2:00-2:40     Maria Saprykina, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
New examples in ergodic theory

3:00-3:40     Kristian Bjerklov , Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Quasi-periodic Schroedinger equations

4:30-4:55     Anna Talitskaya, Penn State University
Construction of a hyperbolic Bernoulli flow on any manifold

                Session II (B0421)

2:00-2:40     Nicholas Ormes, University of Denver
Topological Realization of Families of Ergodic Systems

3:00-3:40     Alejandro Maass, Universidad de Chile
Eigenvalues of Linearly Recurrent Cantor Dynamical Systems and Generalisations to some Tiling Systems

4:00-4:40     Danrun Huang, St. Cloud State University
Some remarks on Restorff's Classification of Cuntz-Krieger algebras

Tuesday March 23

9:00-9:40     Arek Goetz, San Francisco State University
Natural coexistence of transitive and periodic components in a planar piecewise rotation

10:00-10:40     Evelyn Sander, George Mason University
Crossing Bifurcations and Unstable Dimension Variability

11:00-11:40     Mark Pollicott, University of Manchester, England
The Dimension of Fat Sierpinski Carpets