Topological and Measurable Dynamics

March 20-23 (Saturday-Tuesday), 1999 
Department of Mathematics 
University of Maryland, College Park

A dynamics conference is hosted each spring by the University of Maryland and each fall by Penn State University, and is jointly sponsored by the two institutions. The conference this spring will receive funding from the Institute for Physical Science and Technology and the National Science Foundation.

Meeting Program

One hour talks (all in MATH 3206)

Friday 3:00 Colloquium Eli Glasner Entropy theory without past


9:30 Jonathan King     The generic transformation has roots of all orders

11:00 Bernard Host Equidistribution on the d-dimensional torus

2:00 Paul Shields Consistent estimation of Markov order

9:30  Doug Lind Expansive subdynamics for algebraic Z^d-actions

11:00 Ethan Akin The generic homeomorphism is wild but not chaotic

2:00 Don Ornstein Different kinds of stability in dynamical systems


9:30 Arkady Tempelman Hausdorff dimension and thermodynamic formalism


9:30 Neil Hindman Algebra in the Stone-Cech compactification

11:00 Eli Glasner Quasi-factors in topological dynamics and ergodic theory

30 minute talks (all in MATH 3206)


4:00  Dan Rudolph Lindenstrauss' proof of the pointwise ergodic theorem for amenable groups.

4:45 Steve Kalikow A new proof that bernoulli processes are extremal.

                             Twenty minute talks: Location to be announced

                                                                     Saturday Session A

3:30 Mary Vanderschoot Limit sets for continuous flows on surfaces

4:00 Piotr Zgliczynski Topological hyperbolicity

4:30 Bryna Kra An Odd Szemeredi Theorem

5:00 Myong-Hee Sung Computing stable manifolds through the critical locus of a differentiable map

                                                                     Saturday Session B

3:30 Ale Jan Homburg Periodic and strange attractors near homoclinic orbits

4:00 Shmuel Friedland An approach to 2-3 conjecture

4:30 Annalisa Crannell Joint Semicontinuity and Pi-related Topologies

5:00 Sujin Shin TBA

                                                                   Sunday Session A

3:30 Michiko Yuri A generalized Thermodynamic Formalism and weak Gibbs measures

4:00 Anthony Quas Factors of Markov subgroups

4:30 Inhyeop Yi Dimension group invariants of one dimensional spaces

                                                                     Sunday Session B

3:30 Florence Newberger An Entropy rigidity result for Finsler manifolds

4:00 Kim Johnson Context-free beta-shifts are regular

4:30 Isaac Kornfeld Recovering transformations from cocycles

                                                                        Monday Session A

11:00 Victoria Rayskin Holder linearization

11:30 Evelyn Sander Chain Explosions for Planar Maps

2:00 Henry van den Bedem Statistical Properties of Hyperbolic Systems with Tangential Singularities

2:30 Vadim Y. Kaloshin An extension of the Artin-Mazur theorem

3:00 Jerome Buzzi Ergodic and spectral properties of multi-dimensional piecewise expanding maps

3:30 Florin Chirila Discrete versus continuum and creating versus controlling chaos in discrete dynamical systems

                                                                            Monday Session B

11:00 Cesar Silva Infinite ergodic index nonsingular Z^d actions

11:30 Alisa DeStefano Univeral observability and primeness

2:00 Geoff Goodson Ergodic and spectral properties of the map R(x,y)=(y,Tx) and Ryzhikov's solution to a problem of Rokhlin.

2:30 Ayse Sahin-Aimee Johnson* Loosely Bernoulli in Z^d

3:00 Walter Miller On Ulam's method

3:30 Chris Hoffman Endomorphisms which are isomorphic to a one sided Bernoulli shift.

Talks will begin Saturday morning and end Tuesday at noon. The topic this spring will be Measurable and topological dynamics. The Friday mathematics departmental colloquium at 3 P.M. will also feature a dynamics talk.



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 Reagan National or Dulles International: You want to get to the
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 You can park free on campus during the period of
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 If you come for the Friday colloquium, there are metered spaces
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for more information, including a campus map that shows lot T.

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The conference organizers are Joe Auslander, Dan Rudolph, Ken Berg.

To be added to the electronic mailing list for this and future meetings, send a message to Also, check this web page again for more information as it becomes available.

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