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	Travel information				March 1998

Some information herein has not been updated since April 1997.  Please
let us know if you are aware of any changes.

The University is located in College Park, Maryland, four miles
northeast of Washington, D.C.  The meeting will be held in the
Mathematics Building, mainly on the 3rd floor in the department lounge
(room 3201) and colloquium room (room 3206); for parallel sessions we
will also use a classroom in the basement (room B0421).  Lodging will
be about 2/3 of a mile to the south of the Mathematics Building, at:

Quality Inn
7200 Baltimore Ave. (U.S. Route 1)
College Park, MD 20742
We describe below some of the many routes you can take to the
University and to the Quality Inn.  We strive to keep this information
up-to-date, and welcome hearing about discrepancies that you may
encounter.  Specific fares and times mentioned below may have changed
with the passage of time.  More travel information can be found at the
following web sites:





Take I-95 south to Exit 27 and follow the signs to U.S. Route 1 south,
College Park.  The procedure is well marked but somewhat complicated.
As you approach the Capital Beltway (I-495), keep to the right of
center as the freeway splits at Exit 27.  Soon after the split, you
will need to exit to the left, followed by a right exit.  You will
rejoin I-95/I-495 south briefly; keep right.  Then take Exit 25B,
U.S. Route 1 (Baltimore Ave.) south to College Park.

Proceed south on U.S. Route 1 for 2 miles.  The University will be on
your right.  The Quality Inn is on the right about 3 blocks past
campus at 7200 Baltimore Ave.


Take I-95 north, joining the Capital Beltway (I-495) in Virginia.
Cross into Maryland on I-95/I-495 and continue to Exit 25, College
Park.  Turn left at the stoplight onto U.S. Route 1 (Baltimore Ave.)
south and proceed as above.


Take I-66 east to I-495 north (it later curves to the east after you
enter Maryland), or I-270 south to I-495 east.  Continue past Silver
Spring to Exit 25B, U.S. Route 1 (Baltimore Ave.), College Park, and
proceed as above.


Take Rhode Island Ave. northeast out of the city.  Rhode Island
Ave. turns into Baltimore Ave., U.S. Route 1.  Continue north and the
University will be on your left.  The Quality Inn, at 7200 Baltimore
Ave., will be on your left just after the stoplight at Guilford Rd.,
one mile north of the intersection with Md. Route 410 (East-West
Hwy.), and before you reach campus.


From all directions you can reach Union Station in Washington, DC.
Coming from the north, Amtrak also stops closer to the University at
New Carrollton in Maryland near the Capital Beltway.


Your best bet is to take Metrorail to the College Park station.  Plan
on around 30 minutes and a fare of around $2 for this leg of your
journey.  The procedure for reaching College Park during "peak hours"
has changed since 1996; see the section below on Metrorail.

Taxi fare from Union Station is perhaps around $30.  You are better
off taking a taxi from New Carrollton if possible.


You can a taxi to campus or to the Quality Inn (see directions above)
for around $15.  Bus service is also available but may not be
convenient.  Using Metrorail from New Carrollton to College Park is not
recommended because the route is circuitous; use Union Station instead
to connect to Metrorail.


Metrorail operates from 5:30am-midnight on weekdays and 8am-midnight
on weekends.  The procedure for reaching College Park during "peak
hours" has changed since 1996.  Peak hours are roughly 5:30-9:30am and
3-8pm on weekdays, but check the signs posted at the station to be
sure.  From Union Station you can go straight to the directions below.
From other locations, check the system map to see how to reach Metro
Center or Gallery Place downtown, and follow these directions from

	Non-Peak Hours
Take the Red Line north toward Silver Spring and Wheaton.  Exit the
train at the Fort Totten station and transfer to the Green Line toward
Greenbelt.  Then exit at the College Park station, and see the
directions below.

	Peak Hours
Take the Green Line north toward Greenbelt, and exit at the College
Park station.  (Green Line trains are available at Red Line stations
downtown during these hours, and transfers at Fort Totten are not


If your destination is the Quality Inn, you can walk about 1/2 mile or
take a taxi.  To walk, exit the station on the west side.  (This is
the direction that requires you to cross under some MARC train tracks
next to the station, and it is the direction in which one would walk
to "downtown" College Park or U.S. Route 1.)  Walk west from the
station on Calvert Road (the main road, toward the south end and
moving directly away from the station) for 1/2 mile to U.S. Route 1.
The Quality Inn is directly across the street.

You can catch a taxi for either the University or the Quality Inn at
the main taxi stand for the station; this is on the east (busy) side
of the station (do not cross under the MARC tracks).  Taxi fare should
be around $3.

On Monday-Friday only, there is also a free shuttle bus (Shuttle-UM)
to campus that leaves from the east side of the stations every 15
minutes from approximately 7am to 7:30pm.  It takes 10-15 minutes to
reach campus.  About 100-200 yards after crossing U.S. Route 1 and
entering the main gate of the University, you will see on your right a
four story building with a grey slate dome.  That is the Mathematics
Building.  There is a shuttle stop just ahead near the traffic circle.


There are three airports serving the Washington area, listed below 
with instructions for ground connections. 

--Dulles (IAD) is by far the least convenient.  
--BWI is the best if you plan to rent a car or use a shuttle service. 
--Reagan/National (DCA) has the great advantage that one can get to
College Park on Metrorail, arriving 1/2 mile (on foot) from the
Quality Inn.

Super Shuttle provides door-to-door service to College Park from each
of the 3 airports (and vice versa).  Call 1-800-BLUEVAN for details.
From the airport you do not need a reservation, just proceed to the
ground transportation area when you arrive.  Fares and approximate
travel time (quoted in March 1998) are listed below for each airport.


The Metrorail station is directly across the street from the new
terminal.  From the old terminal, you can walk or take a free shuttle
that runs very frequently.  Plan on taking an hour and a fare of
around $3 to reach the College Park station.  Take the Yellow Line
north toward Gallery Place and U Street/Cardozo; exit at Gallery Place
and follow the Metrorail directions above.

Super Shuttle (1-800-BLUEVAN) fare is $21 for the 1st passenger, $8
for additional passengers, and travel time is 60-75 minutes.

You can also take a taxi from the airport for around $40.  Driving
time is about 30 minutes during non-rush hours.

FROM BWI (Baltimore-Washington International Airport):

Here are several options.  For more complete information you can call
Ground Transportation at 410-859-7545.

Super Shuttle (1-800-BLUEVAN) fare is $19 for the 1st passenger, $5
for additional passengers, and travel time is about 45 minutes.

Private Car Limousine Service costs around $45 to and from College
Park, for up to 4 people.  The fee does not include driver's gratuity.
The driver will meet you at the airport gate and assist at baggage
claim.  You have to call in advance to make a reservation,

Ground Transportation Professionals, Inc. provides taxi service to
College Park for around $40.  For information, call 410-859-1100.  Be
aware that they do not provide service from College Park back to the
airport; you will have to contact a taxi company in College Park for

Driving time from BWI is around 30 minutes.


You can take the Washington Flyer Express Bus to the West Falls Church
Metrorail station for $8 (cash only).  Shuttles leave the airport
every 20-30 minutes, from 6am to 10:30pm weekdays, from 7:30am to
10:30pm Sundays and holidays.  Then take Metrorail to College Park for
an additional $3 or so (take the Orange Line toward New Carrollton,
exit at Metro Center, and follow the Metrorail directions above).
Total time from the airport to College Park may be 90 minutes or more.

Super Shuttle (1-800-BLUEVAN) fare is $25 for the 1st passenger, $10
for additional passengers, and travel time is 60-90 minutes.

Alternatively, taxi service to College Park will cost around $55 and
take around an hour (more during rush hour).

For more information, call Travelers Aid at 703-661-8638.


The Quality Inn is within easy walking distance of the conference,
which will be held primarily on the third floor of the Mathematics
Building on the University of Maryland campus, in the department
lounge (room 3201) and colloquium room (room 3206).  Walk north (left
as your leave the hotel) along U.S. Route 1.  At the 2nd stoplight you
reach College Ave./Regents Drive at the south edge of campus; turn
left through the gate and follow Regents Drive as it curves to the
right past the chapel.  Proceed to a traffic circle and veer right,
moving past and away from the circle toward the four story building
with a grey slate dome.  That is the Mathematics Building.

If you are arriving by car, follow the directions above to reach
College Park via U.S. Route 1.  Enter campus by turning west onto
Campus Drive at the main (north) gate.  This is a major intersection
with a stoplight.  If you are coming south from the Beltway
(I-95/I-495), this will be after about 2 miles and will be your first
opportunity to turn right onto campus, as the road widens just past a
small bridge.  Coming north on U.S. Route 1, look for the campus on
your left and, after a couple minor stoplights, turn left at the big
intersection with 2 left turn lanes.

If you continue straight on Campus Drive for 100-200 yards, you will
be in front of the Mathematics Building, which has four stories and
supports a gray slate dome.  However, follow the instructions below to


After turning onto Campus Drive, keep right and take the first right
turn onto Paint Branch Drive.  There will be parking lots on your
right and then on your left.  Be careful to park in an area that
explicitly says you are welcome to park after 4pm and on weekends;
most but not all lots have this property.


Proceed on Campus Drive past the Mathematics Building to a traffic
circle, and turn right there onto Regents Drive.  After a block, turn
left onto Field House Drive and then right into the parking garage.
Park at a meter, and pay the meter (quarters only).  Or, you can by an
all-day permit for $4 in the campus parking offices located in the
garage.  To do this, proceed on Regents Drive past the garage, find a
place to make a U-turn, and when passing the garage in the other
direction along Regents Drive you can parallel park at a meter that
will give you 15 free minutes.  Walk into the office you just parked
in front of and buy a permit.

There is also a new (as of 1998) parking garage that is further away,
but costs only $1 per day.  From Regents Drive, proceed past the
parking garage described above and turn left at the first stop sign
onto Stadium Drive.  Proceed to the top of a hill, and when you reach
the stadium, bear left into the new garage.  For more information on
campus parking, see:


		CHEZ BOYLE (Party, Friday evening, 8pm)

The address is 8710 23rd Avenue and the phone number is 301-434-5298. 

From the Quality Inn: 

--Drive south on Route 1 to the very next traffic light, which has an
Exxon station on the far right corner.  Turn right onto Guilford Road.
--When this road ends (after many curves, at the third stop sign),
turn left onto Campus Drive.
--At the first serious intersection (the second stoplight), turn right
onto Adelphi Road.
--Almost immediately there is another stoplight--go straight through.
After a long stretch on Adelphi Road with no lights, turn left at the
next stoplight, onto Metzerott Road.
--Take the second left, onto 23rd Avenue.  
--After 4 blocks, 23rd Court hits 23rd Avenue from the left; opposite, 
on the right side, is the Boyles' driveway (the larger house, on the 
right side of the driveway, is the Boyles'). 
--Park on the street (don't go up the driveway--not enough room). 
--The total drive from the Quality Inn is roughly 4 miles. 

From I-95, coming south from Baltimore: 
--Take Exit 27 onto I-495 (Capital Beltway) west toward Silver Spring.
--Get in the 2nd-to-right lane, to avoid Exit 28A, and then take Exit
28B, New Hampshire Avenue south.
--Take a left at the second stoplight onto Adelphi Road
--Take a right at the second stoplight onto Metzerott Road.
--Proceed as above onto 23rd Avenue and so forth.
(We suggest: participants staying at the Quality Inn interested in
getting a ride to the Boyles' or willing to give one, rendezvous in
the Quality Inn check-in lobby to join forces.)